Benefits of annurca apple powder: Hair Loss, immunity

I would like to introduce you to annurca apple that are good for immunity and hair loss. It’s called Annurka apple, which was introduced to me by an acquaintance some time ago, and they say they eat a lot of it in powdered form.

Annurca apple is an apple variety originating from the Cavania region in southern Italy.
Pollino National Park in Campania, Italy, is one of 50 parks designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is famous for its natural beauty. The annurca apples grown here are a rare variety, accounting for only 5% of Italy’s apple production.

​Annurca apple, which has superior nutritional content than ordinary apples, is a somewhat unfamiliar name, but it is a fruit with a long history since the ancient Roman era. It is said to be rich in nutrients to the extent that it is called the fruit of the gods or the queen of apples in Europe.

What makes annurca apples red is that they are not ripened on the tree, but are ripened for a certain period of time after harvest.


annurca apple

<Benefits of annurca apple>

Annurca apples are known to provide a variety of benefits related to strengthening immunity, improving digestion, preventing hair loss, dieting, and improving cardiovascular health.

  • Strengthens immunity

    annurca apples are rich in powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. Polyphenols can help eliminate harmful free radicals and strengthen your immune system. Additionally, antioxidants such as vitamin C and carotenoids help prevent aging and support the immune system.

  • Improves digestion

    annurca apples are rich in pectin, which helps support digestive health. Pectin absorbs water inside the small intestine, softening stool and helping prevent constipation. It is recommended to consume apple peels as they are especially rich in pectin. Pectin also helps maintain digestive health by adsorbing and expelling harmful substances.

  • Prevents hair loss

    Chlorogen and procyanidin B2 contained in annurca apples are ingredients that can help maintain hair health and prevent hair loss. Chlorogen is one of the amino acids required for keratin production and plays an important role in hair growth and health. These nutrients help increase hair cell productivity and maintain hair health.

  • Diet

    annurca apple is a low-calorie fruit that can help with diet. Approximately 100g of annurca apples has about 50 calories and contains rich dietary fiber, which can help with digestion and bowel movements. Additionally, annurca apples may help curb overeating by increasing satiety.

  • Improves cardiovascular health

    annurca apples are rich in polynols, which are beneficial for cardiovascular health and may help protect the lining of blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis. Apples are also rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, which may help control blood pressure.

<Annurca Apple Powder>

Annurca apples are a fruit grown only in certain regions of Italy and are difficult to find fresh. However, it is easily available in the form of annurca apple powder or nutritional supplements. annurca apple powder is a dried, powdered product of this fruit that can be used in a variety of dishes and drinks. The powder provided in this way has the advantage of effectively consuming more nutrients than when eating annurca apples in their fresh form.

Annurca apple powder is a versatile form that can be useful in a variety of dishes and drinks. This powder is easy to mix into foods, making it easy to incorporate into many foods and beverages.

For example, adding a few tablespoons of annurca apple powder to a smoothie or yogurt can give your customers a healthy option that provides more nutrients. It can also be used in baking and helps make desserts healthier.

One delicious option is to mix annurca apple powder in water and drink it as a beverage. This provides convenient access to fruity flavor and nutrients, helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Annurca Apple Powder is a convenient option for adding nutrients to a variety of foods and beverages.


<Side effects of annurca apple>

Side effects are generally not significant when consuming annurca apples or annurca apple powder. However, excessive consumption may cause some side effects, so it is important to maintain adequate amounts. Side effects to watch out for include:

  • Annurca Apple Fruit

    Green or yellow ripe annurca apples are not yet fully mature and may lack flavor. Therefore, when consuming annurca apples, it is best to eat them when they are red and ripe. Annurca apples themselves do not usually cause side effects, but excessive consumption may cause indigestion or bloating.

  • Annurca Apple Powder

    When consuming annurca apple powder, make sure you drink plenty of water. Annurca apple powder is rich in fiber, which absorbs water in the large intestine, so it is important to drink enough water. Caution is needed as insufficient water intake can actually cause constipation.


Annurca apples or Annurca apple powder can be beneficial to your health when consumed in moderate amounts, but excessive consumption can cause side effects, so it is important to maintain adequate intake.

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