Foods to eat before colonoscopy

There can be numerous problems with our bodies that we cannot see with our eyes. These abnormalities may not be noticed right away and can develop into serious illnesses. In particular, colon cancer is one of the diseases for which early detection and treatment are most important.

Therefore, colonoscopy can be considered one of the most important tests for our health.

So, let’s find out what foods you should not eat before a colonoscopy.


Foods to eat before colonoscopy

<Foods to avoid>

Sweet potato, corn, nuts, coffee, watermelon, melon, strawberry, grapes, bean sprouts, rye bread, brown rice, cereal, vegetables, alcohol, jam

3 days before the test: It is recommended not to consume foods high in fiber such as alcohol, legumes, grains, and seaweed. Additionally, it is not recommended to consume fruits with many seeds.

2 days before observation: Do not eat plant foods for 3 days before the test.

1 day before observation: Do not consume plant-based foods for 2 days prior to the test.

On the day: On the day, do not consume any food and only drink water. Do not drink water 3 hours before the test.

<Food you can eat>

Chicken, fish, white rice, eggs, tofu, white bread, apples, bananas, potatoes, ham, isotonic beverages

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  1. Getting my first colonoscopy was not one of my favorite experiences

    1. yes. I also had a bad memory.

      1. I was knocked out for mine, but the prep and the fasting SUCKED

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