How to get rid of stye fast

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally a stye does. I also had a stye when I woke up around this time last year, and I remember having a hard time. This time, let’s find out what styes are and how to recover them.

Eyelid sebaceous glands produce and release oily substances that prevent tears from evaporating. If the secretion is delayed, oil can accumulate, leading to inflammation in the glands. If this inflammation coincides with a bacterial infection, it can result in external or internal styes, commonly caused by Staphylococcus bacteria. On the other hand, a chalazion is formed by a chronic inflammatory response due to the accumulation of unreleased oily substances and is not associated with bacterial infections.

<stye symptoms>
External and internal styes are mainly caused by acute bacterial infections. In a sty, the margin of the eyelid becomes swollen, painful, and hard. These symptoms can lead to induration and become more tender. Internal styes occur at a deeper location than external styes, and yellow abscesses appear on the conjunctival surface. Bean styes are milder than external or internal styes, and hard nodules may be palpable under the skin at the margins of the eyelids.

<how to get rid of stye fast>
Here are several measures you can take when you have under-eye bags:

  • Sleep and Rest: Getting adequate sleep and taking rest is important. Sleep deprivation can worsen puffiness and darken the skin tone under the eyes.
  • Hydration: Drinking enough water and maintaining hydration is a crucial factor for skin health.
  • Rinse with Cold Water: To reduce puffiness, you can gently rinse your eyes with cold water. You can lightly splash cold water under your eyes or use a method involving soaking with cold water.
  • Eye Massage: Gently massaging the under-eye area can promote blood circulation and alleviate puffiness. It’s important to apply gentle pressure and strokes while massaging.
  • Cool and Moist Objects: Placing a cold, cool, and moist object on your eyes can also help reduce puffiness. However, make sure it doesn’t directly contact your eyes.
  • Anti-Dark Circle Cream: Consider using an effective anti-dark circle cream for under-eye bags. Such products can help improve skin tone and reduce puffiness.
  • Appropriate Makeup Use: When using makeup, applying a light concealer or concealer to the under-eye area can help cover the darker areas.
  • Allergy Management: Under-eye bags might be due to allergic reactions. To manage allergies, consider getting allergy tests and taking necessary measures.

<Do not do the following>
Here is a list of actions you should absolutely avoid:

  • Excessive Massage: Applying excessive pressure with strong massages on the under-eye area can damage the skin. Be gentle and cautious, avoiding excessive force.
  • Using Irritating Products: Since the skin under the eyes is thin and sensitive, using products with irritating ingredients can worsen skin reactions.
  • Excessive Finger Contact: Frequently touching the under-eye area with your fingers can cause minor damage to the skin and transfer bacteria or dust.
  • Excessive Makeup Use: Applying too much makeup to the under-eye area can hinder skin respiration and lead to additional skin issues.
  • Direct Ice Contact: Placing ice directly onto the under-eye area can harm the skin due to the extreme cold temperature. Ice should be used with protective measures.

It’s not a good idea to treat styes too harshly. It is important to take care of your skin gently. If the stye persists, it is recommended to seek professional advice.

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