Why do my hands and feet sweat a lot?

It’s not hot, but there are people who sweat a lot on their hands and feet for no apparent reason. Shaking hands or taking off shoes can be a little uncomfortable. This time, let’s find out why your hands and feet sweat a lot.


  • Physiological Factors: Human hands and feet have many sweat glands that play a role in regulating body temperature and protecting the skin. Increased sweating can occur due to factors such as stress, emotional changes, heat, and physical activity.
  • Environmental Factors: Surrounding temperature, humidity, warm environments, and lack of airflow can stimulate excessive sweating.
  • Medical Conditions: Excessive sweating might be a symptom of an underlying medical condition, and in some cases, it may be necessary to seek medical advice to identify any potential health issues.


  • Proper Personal Hygiene: Keeping hands and feet clean and dry can help control excessive sweating. If lack of ventilation is the issue, it is essential to clean and dry the spaces between the toes regularly.
  • Create a Comfortable Environment: Minimize factors that contribute to sweating by staying in well-ventilated areas and avoiding excessive heating or cooling.
  • Stress Management: Emotional changes and stress can trigger increased sweating. Managing stress through regular exercise, meditation, and breathing exercises can be beneficial in controlling excessive sweating.

These are the reasons why hands and feet sweat excessively and the respective solutions to address the issue. While the extent of sweating may vary depending on individual physiological factors and environmental conditions, the mentioned approaches are general measures that can help most people. If excessive sweating persists due to medical reasons, seeking professional medical advice is essential.

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